At Wilkins Recovery we know how frustrating an unforeseen emergency like a vehicle breakdown can be. You’re on your way home from work, during rush hour and all of a sudden you realise you should have stopped off at the petrol station this morning. You pull in to the layby and have no idea who to call. Make sure you have Wilkins Recovery in your contact list. We are your local and reliable roadside recovery service.

At Wilkins Recovery we cover all areas of the South West, including Chippenham, Bath, Salisbury, Corsham, Malmesbury, Lacock, Royal Wootton Bassett and surrounding areas. The South West can seem like a daunting place to drive in, especially if you’re not local to the area or a new driver. At Wilkins Recovery, we know all the long and winding roads and back streets, so you can be certain we’ll find you in the quickest time possible, no matter where you are.


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If you have found yourself broken down, it is very important that you do everything you can to stay safe until help can arrive, even the quietest of roads can be hazardous. Here are some steps to keep yourself safe.



Make sure you’re in the safest of places. This means making sure your car is off the road or on a hard shoulder. Have the vehicle as far left of the road as possible and turn your wheels to the left.

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Put your hazard warning lights on, even if it’s daylight. If you have broken down at night, in fog or other bad weather, make sure you also keep your sidelights on too.



If you find yourself broken down on quieter roads, it is usually safer to stay in the car and wait for assistance. However, if you find yourself broken down on a major road or motorway, it’s safe to exit the car via the passenger side, away from the road, and wait behind a crash barrier away from traffic.



Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before a journey and you have suitable supplies stocked. This can include a blanket, torch and water. When you have taken all the measures to make yourself and your vehicle, call for assistance.

Wilkins Recovery is one of the top breakdown recovery and roadside assistance businesses in the South West. We guarantee you top quality service and care from the beginning, without hefty service costs. Wilkins Recovery’s breakdown recovery and roadside assistance are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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